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What is Smoov?

Smoov is an electronic cigarette that has been designed by a team of experts with vast electronic cigarette experience. Each component of the Smoov ecig, from the Guardian microchip to the heating element of the cartomizers, has been designed to provide the most amount of vapor. In addition to vapor production the smoov cig also has been designed to protect itself. The Guardian microchip protects the battery from sound, vibration and over charging. The Leak resistant air port also protects the battery from excess eliquid entering the battery. A new feature rarely seen on automatic batteries.

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Smoov Ultimate Kit-Stainless Smoov Ultimate Kit-Red Smoov Ultimate Kit-Blue
Smoov Ultimate Kit-Stainless
Regular Price: $39.99
Smoov Ultimate Kit-Red
Regular Price: $39.99
Smoov Ultimate Kit-Blue
Regular Price: $39.99
Smoov Ultimate Kit-Black Smoov Micro Kit - Black Smoov Micro Kit - Silver
Smoov Ultimate Kit-Black
Regular Price: $39.99
Smoov Micro Kit - Black
Regular Price: $32.99
Smoov Micro Kit - Silver
Regular Price: $32.99
Smoov Rev // - Infectious Smoov 78mm Starter Kit - Stainless Steel / Blue LED 78mm Starter Kit - Metallic Blue / Blue LED
Smoov Rev // - Infectious
Regular Price: $29.99
Smoov 78mm Starter Kit - Metallic Red / Red LED Smoov 78mm Starter Kit - White / Red LED Smoov Micro Battery
Smoov Forte Tank Smoov Forte Ni200 Coil - 0.15Ω Smoov Forte Coil - 0.5Ω
Smoov Forte Coils - 0.5Ω
Regular Price: $17.99
Smoov S1 BVC Coil